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about Silvia Zeitlinger

Filmmaker . Director .

Silvia Zeitlinger 


has played an important role in the creative core of Werner Herzog's team and has worked as a director, photographer, screenwriter, actress and leading acting coach in various segments of the film industry before she started to write and to direct herself. She coached lead characters internationally for example, in U.S. films like "Future World," directed by James Franco, in the Italian thriller "L'Angelo dei Muri" and in the German cop drama "The Only Witness,". Her ability to work with actors and non-actors alike results in high performances and often leads to acting awards for her protégés. Her cinematic do-gooder vision is also reflected in most of her films.

Before Silvia started to write and to direct she gained extraordinary dramaturgical and acting experience as leading actress at the most important German Theatres. Silvia Zeitlinger (as Vas) has worked with the greatest directors such as George Tabori, Jürgen Flimm, Peter Brooks, Susan Betson, Fritz Zecha and many others.  Her leading roles range from Shakespeares Juliett and Ophelia, Horvaths Marianne to Gothes Iphigenie and Brechts Poli....

1967 Born in Steyr / Austria
1985-88 Study of Art, Drama and Acting
1988-2000 Working as Actress at stage and in various movies and TV films 
1995-2017 alternatly Personal Assistent, 1.AD, Script Contenuity, Still Fotographer of Werner Herzog’s Feature films and documentaries. 
2005-2019 Author and Director of various short films.

2007 Mikado / First long Feature Film


Silvia Zeitlinger lives with her husband Peter Zeitlinger on a Farm in Northern Italy.

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