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FILM Srl Offices

Film Srl is coming from international productions, now has gained a leading position in the Italian scene.

Today Film Srl showreel boasts a broad range from succeeding
in big Hollywood-style productions to smaller, creative films.

Based in Rome, Los Angeles, and Borgo San Mauro (base office), the company offers a solid worldwide network of co-workers
and a dynamic and international team of professionals.

Office 02

Via Pausania, 16
Roma, RM 00176

Tel: +39 392-847-8400

Office 01

9465 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Tel: +1 (310) 274-6611

Office 03

Via Canarin, 7

Borgo San Mauro 33040

Tel: +39 392-847-8400

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