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Visual effects

done by visual minds

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Don't fix it in Post. Since the requirement for visual effects can encompass a large field of activity, speed can only be achieved through a large professional network. 
FILM SRL works together with dedicated Compositing and Retouch Artist as well as Image Technicians. 

we offer mastering in Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ 


Dolby Vision Mastering

We are a Dolby Vision certified facility, one of the first in the north of Italy.  

Dolby Vision is an HDR framework that helps maintain creative intent from the image seen in the color grading suite all the way to the consumer devices being used to watch Netflix and Amazon.

Film Srl can master IMF packages of audiovisual works in any resolutions and with SDR or HDR Dolby Vision image standards.

Films mastered in Dolby Vision have astonishing brightness, incomparable contrast, and captivating color. 
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On Set Services

On Set Services includes VFX Supervising, Data Wrangling, Live Look Creation, Live Composites, 3D Camera Trackin, Lidar Scans

Visual Effects

Conception and all Preparation, Matchmoving, Retouches, Complex Compositing


Feature Films such as "Future World“ or James Franco's  "Pretenders" were graded by Film Srl


The completion and delivery of the media for all possible channels under their technical specifications



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