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FILM Srl Originals

Take a look at our production portfolio to see how we can take your idea to the next level. We’ll transform clients concepts into full-blown production pieces. Through our technical command of film and our creative approach to problem solving, we’ve been able to find unique solutions for a variety of clients. Get in touch to see some of our most recent productions.

Vida - A Simple Live

In 1926, Vida, a young and modest Slovenian woman, left Fascist Italy because of poverty and emigrated as a nurse to Alexandria in Egypt to financially support her family.


Her simple peasant life turns into a luxury life. But the price to pay is high. Having left her husband and baby at home, her marriage falls apart; however, thanks to the help of her new friends, she manages to rebuild a new existence.

VIDA LooK Book

VIDA LooK Book

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Come possiamo vivere Insieme

"How can we live together" is the theme that has preoccupied architect Roberto Pirzio Biroli for more than 50 years, and for which he has been invited to a solo exhibition at the 2021 Biennale with his project "BorgoAlive."

Roberto Pirzio Biroli achieved great notoriety in the 1970s with the reconstruction of the earthquake-struck town of Venzone, which was followed by other towns and
towns such as Santa Margherita, Aquileia and Cumuli.
Many of the earthquake-resistant construction techniques developed by Pirzio Biroli are now
taught as standard in architectural universities around the world.

As the flm-documentary on Roberto Pirzio Biroli deals with various topical issues such as the
environmental protection and social housing and the history of earth-shattered Friuli, it will be
possible to market it on various platforms.
Participating in documentary and architecture festivals, the flm will attract attention because of
its topical themes, such as climate protection and social housing.

Wonyia - Free Spirit

Is the story of 13-year-old Lucia, who takes on the challenge of taming a wild horse in 3 days to save it. The young cowboy, William, wants to shoot the wild horse for injuring him, but Sheriff Henry gives Lucia and the horse a second chance.


If she is able to ride Woniya in three days time, the horse will be allowed to live. Sitanka, a native American chief able to communicate with animals and see into the future, agrees to help Lucia. He teaches her the language of the horses and helps her develop the concentration and strength necessary for this impossible challenge.


During this trying time, Lucia must also overcome immense emotional hurdles. She discovers that her beloved deceased father is actually only father to her two younger sisters, and that she is the daughter of the fraudulent and hotheaded horse dealer John Clark. To boot, John Clark aids William with his bet against Lucia by helping him drug the horse and render it unrideable. Upon realizing that Lucia is his daughter, he tries to right his wrongs and helps Lucia find her inner strength to tame the wild horse.

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